Tips For Hiring The Right Person For Your Small Company

Most young people are unhappy at the traditional full time jobs and therefore are always looking for a way out. In most cases, they will feel trapped at the job because they need the money but they will not be committed to the company or do the work because they doing it or because they have a passion for the work. Even when you are sick, you will need to go to the office and get permission for you to take a day off and traditional jobs will not offer any sympathy during illness or any personal emergency that may occur. 

Doing a complete investigation

Once you have shortlisted all of the suitable candidates and you will have many applicants if you offer high quality service, it is important that you take some time to do a thorough look in to their background before you offer them the position. The stories of new employees who have stolen from the company are unending and if you have a very small business, your business may not be able to handle a financial shock of that sort. It is vital that you do pre-employment background checks in to each applicant as it will be quite evident if they have a history of job jumping or any other issues with their previous employees. 

You can even call up their previous employees and ask them for their opinion on the said employee. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that most employees leave their previous company on bad terms and this is to be expected. As long as there is no history of stealing, abuse or job jumping it should be alright. Job jumping is something is something that might be immediately evident if you look at the person’s job history if they are a job jumper or not. If you find something suspicious you might want to follow it up with a bankruptcy check to make sure.

For many reasons, young people are not happy working at full time jobs and the staff turnover at many companies is very high and this gives rise to a lot of companies losing a lot of money over time due to high staff turnover. In order to avoid this, you need to make some compromise and offer the employee something that other companies do not offer and this is flexibility. If you offer a preferred candidate the flexibility of being able to visit their daughter’s school when needed or being able to stay home with their sick child if needed, they will be willing to work for a lower wage than they expect at a traditional job.

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