Making Use Of Your Defensive Skills

If you are lucky enough to know self-defence and/or martial arts in some shape or form, then you are in a very good job market; not many people learn self-defence so there are plenty of opportunities for people who do. If you are ex-military, then that list is even longer. Here are some interesting careers you could look into if you have the above qualifications:

Bouncing At the Door

In any big city, clubs have bouncers at the door. These guys keep unwanted people out which means that any trouble within the club gets you tossed out pretty quick. They also stop people from coming in if they look like trouble. They are usually on great demand as teenage party security and other big cities in Australia being some of the most eager to have people with military skills as club bouncers. This is because they have to be able to handle rowdy customers who are drunk and also remain away from alcohol themselves. Bouncing is a risky job however, which means that only people with the best skill set usually stay on the job for long.

Keep Watch Over Buildings

A security guard hire is fairly common among military personnel as it allows them to use most of the skills they picked up during their service. They have to keep watch over precious property such as storage spaces, warehouses and office buildings or protect people in places such as schools and hospitals. Many agencies like hiring people with self-defence skills or a military background because they are highly disciplined; the military teaches everyone to obey orders and maintain self-discipline in order to function as one unit while martial arts teaches its students to have complete control over their minds and bodies in order to attack or defend as necessary.

Teachers and Instructors

Depending on how well versed you are in your self-defence skills, you can opt to be an instructor at an academy or institution that teaches self-defence. With rising crime rates in nearly every city, people are looking to learn self-defence skills more and more and this therefore creates a job market for those who can teach that craft. Martial arts instructors need to go through slightly more elaborate certification before they are allowed to teach – most disciplines have regulatory bodies in each country that monitors whether or not the arts are being taught properly.

So if you are someone who knows how to throw a punch, take down someone taller and heavier than you, or even how to run then perhaps you should consider one of the above careers – it might turn out to be your calling.

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